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Stress is something which every human being deals with in his/her life whether it is negative stress due to the loss of job, knowing that your spouse had an affair, or a positive stress of buying your first home, having a baby etc. All of us should know the tactics of dealing with the stress as it can affect our body and mind and can even result in the symptoms of headaches, high blood pressure etc. Apart from the healthy ways like going for a small walk daily, communicating with others, having proper rest and healthy diet etc, massages and spa therapies in the body.

All the stress related symptoms like anxiety, restlessness, headache, muscle tension or pain, fatigue etc can be relieved with the help of massages and spa. Dopamine and serotonin hormones, which are responsible for the good mood and feelings related to love and joy in the body, are released through massage which results in relaxed and calm feelings by removing stress from the body. Incorporating a therapeutic massage in your routine can help you look, feel and live better and healthier as it shifts your mind thoughts away from all your worries and makes it relax.

Studies have proven that adding massage therapy in your life will not only reduce the stress levels in the body, but will also rejuvenate you as it releases endorphins that calm the peripheral nervous system. Even a small session of 1 hour of spa and massage will make you feel more revived than earlier. Some massage techniques like head massage can also be carried out at home daily and will make you feel relaxed.

A daily soak in hot tub or spa helps in relieving tension as it is scientifically proven that hydrotherapy is one of the best therapies that can eliminate diseases like diabetes, arthritis and reduce stress, blood pressure etc from the body. Warm water immersion leads to the liberation of the dopamine hormone which helps our body to fight the consequences of detrimental stress.

Let us have a look at some of the benefits of Massage Therapy-

• Lowers your heart rate and blood pressure
• Lowers your body pain by relaxing your muscles
• Increases your energy level
• Improves the immune system
• Restores the normal digestive system functions
• Reduces the cortisol levels and insulin levels in the body

The biggest reason of using massage is that it is a natural and safe way of reducing stress. Other forms of therapies can result in side effects in the body. Long term stress caused due to ongoing situations like financial problems can be harmful for our heart, overall health and life. Most meditation centers offer meditation courses which are also a confirmed way to achieve relaxation in your mind. The key component of having a healthier lifestyle is to get rid of stress as early as possible. It has become everyone’s priority to keep their body fit and free from all illness as improving your lifestyle now will lead to a better future.

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